Have What it Takes?


The POWERCORPS is composed of the ad-hoc strongman and powerlifting teams here at Jakked Hardcore Gym. The members are lifters, from base beginners to veteran state and national level competitors, who train together, compete together, and represent Jakked Hardcore Gym nation-wide. Interested in becoming a member?

Powercorps is about respect

Membership is free* – but it isn’t cheap

* Everyone, of any skill and experience level, is welcome. We all at one time started from nothing and we know fresh blood is vital to the future of strength sports.

* Powercorps is about growing and succeeding as a team and community, not as individuals. The sole metric we use is whether you’re giving your maximum effort. All egos must be checked at the door.

* We believe creating a safe and encouraging space for women, LGBT, and other minority competitors is very important. If you ever feel we’re failing to live up to that, please let us know right away.

* Powercorps members rely on each other for motivation and accountability just as much as anything else, so please be on time and consistent in your attendance.

* If at all possible, always stick around until the end to make sure every team member gets the most out of their workout and that equipment you helped use gets put back in its proper place.

* Be respectful of our gym. Especially when training with a large group, it’s easy to misplace bottles, wraps, and other small items. Be sure to leave the space as you found it.

The Powercorps teams currently meet:


* Tuesday Nights: 6:30pm-9:00pm

* Sunday Mornings: 9:am-11:30am


* Monday: 6:30pm (Upper body Auxiliary Work)

* Tuesday: 6:30pm (Deadlift and Dynamic Squats)

* Thursday: 6:30pm (Max Bench)

* Saturday: 9am (Max Squat and Deadlift)

*Sunday: 9am (Max Squats)

For upcoming meet information, please see our front page or visit our friends at the UPA, USS, and APF .

For any additional questions, please contact us at Jakkedgym@gmail.com or come in and speak with our experienced staff.

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