A decade ago, Byron and Tami Hicks opened a small gym in Montgomery, Il. It was a single rental unit, in an industrial building. 1,100sq/ft, if rounded up. Their mission was to offer the same old school gym, that Byron and Tami were both accustom to. So many facilities at that time were succumbing to the new fitness industry standard of cardio and lifting machines – minimal free weights, dumbbells, barbells and certainly NO CHALK or Baby Powder allowed in these fitness malls.

 Almost no gyms were truly ‘lifter friendly’ anymore.  -Byron Hicks

Jakked Hardcore Gym has cultured many top athletes thru their ten years. They have had numerous members reach great levels of personal achievement. Jakked Gym boasts over ten members losing 100#’s of weight or more, since the gym’s conception. High school and collegiate athletes also have found great success in their sports. All credit to the top level strength coaching and constant atmospheric intensity, only found inside the walls of Jakked Gym.

Currently, Jakked Gym’s footprint is over 12,000sq/ft! And now offers a training environment for a vast array of individuals. Of course, never straying from their roots, the strongman and powerlifting rooms are dedicated to building champions. The newest addition, added just last year,  welcomes the sport of boxing as well as boot camp classes, pole fitness and body tempering.

Jakked Gym has more equipment under one roof, than any other gym in the mid-west.

Joining Jakked gym is easy. As always, Jakked offers membership fees with absolutely NO strings attached. There are NO sign up fees, NO binding contracts, NO pushy sales people – The gym offers a few different multi-month plans to help minimize the out of pocket cost for committed members. A ten dollar all-access daypass and a unique ‘PowerPass’ are also highlights to the gyms accessibility.  Any additional information can be easily accessed thru www.jakkedgym.com. Or contact Byron, Tami, or any of the other trainers, via email links on the website.

Don’t let the name scare you. Jakked Hardcore Gym has been, and will always be, a welcoming home to anyone looking to reach their personal strength, general health, fitness and physique goals. Growth has not changed the workings of the gym. You will still find the owners, Byron and Tami are there daily while greeting members in the office, cleaning the place or working with clients and coaching the power team. They are owners with a passion for what they have built with an ongoing drive to succeed. Pride is the feeling of the atmosphere and members at Jakked Hardcore Gym.

After having the honor of meeting the anniversary couple, its pretty obvious to see where the energy comes from. Be ready for a second ‘Decade of Hardcore,’ from the creators of Jakked Hardcore Gym!

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