Jakked Owner and Partners @ The UPA Battle on the Mississippi

“Master’s Display of Power”

UPA Battle on the Mississippi


Byron – Sq: 501

– Bench: 374

– DL: 600

– Total: 1,475

Eric – Sq: 358

– Bench: 270

– DL: 473

– Total: 1,101

Frank – Sq: 352

– Bench: 292

– DL: 440

– Total: 1,084

We all had a great time. Eric had the goal of going 9 for 9 – this was his first meet. Goal accomplished. ?

Frank has been dieting with me since May. He is jumping into the world of cross competition Powerlifting & Bodybuilding.  He has cut tremendous weight already – this was only his second power meet. Now we are less than 11 weeks from his first BB show. That’s some killer work!!

Me, I’m still pinching myself. 500# squat! Swear. The MOST Ive had on my back the entire training cycle – 415×1 ( 2 weeks ago )

I focus on form and technique, more than most can imagine. I truly believe that is where an 85# MONSTER jump was possible –

Ultimately, our weekend in Iowa will rank as one of my top meet experiences. For only three masters lifting together, with Jakkson as our handler/coach – we were able to secure a 3rd place finish for our team.


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