Jakked- Rated Top Hardcore Gym In America


Top 5 Bodybuilding Gyms In America by Generation Iron Weekly – Jakked Made #4.

Starting Strongman: Gym Spotlight: Jakked Hardcore Gym

2013- Visionary Athletes Top 10 Hardcore Gyms In America- Jakked Hardcore Made #8

2016 – Visionary Athletes Top 20 Hardcore Gyms In America- Jakked Hardcore Made #8

Jakked Hardcore Picked as Favorite Gym In The Montgomery Patch. Right Here.

Tied for Top Powerlifting Gym of the Year 2010- On Power Lifting Watch

Derek Poundstone with RX Muscle- Chest workout At Jakked Gym

RX Muscle 2011 Bros Vs. Pros Hosted at Jakked gym

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