JHG Online Personal Training Is Here!

JHG – Online Personal Training App is Here!

Anyone who has been fortunate enough to train with Byron Hicks, owner of Jakked Hardcore Gym – has learned something new to make their quest in the weight room, platform or stage, a more optimal experience. It’s no doubt that the gym is where Byron works his magic. Unique workout programming, custom nutrition advise, experienced knowledge and a passion for greatness are all traits associated with Byron’s training sessions, programs and team practices, at Jakked Gym. Now these same training principles can be used and learned by anyone, anywhere, anytime with the ‘JHG Online App.’

One major reason people fail to find success in the gym is in their inability to see personal results, stunting one’s motivation. ‘JHG Online App’ is your answer! With every program offered, from basic to premium access, the client has the ability to add, store and track progress photos, body measurements, weigh ins and newly added FitBit integration.

Why get the new JHG training app?

  • It’s EASY to understand
  • It’s great for beginners, yet even better for advanced lifters
  • It’s a completely interactive app that is useable on ALL electronic devices (IOS, Android, and Windows)
  • Full access to custom JHG workouts, meal plans, and a user friendly nutrition guide
    • Meals can be logged by clients
    • Meal plans can be custom built
    • Endless food database to select from
    • Calories and macros are displayed for each food item
  • Track your progress by recording your weigh ins, body measurements, and progress photos
  • Don’t know how to do one of the lifts? We have demo videos for ALL exercise AND pictures for therapy exercises
  • Direct messaging through the app
  • It’s like having Byron in your gym bag!
  • Premium access: for everything!
  • Package programs available!

4 Week Packages Includes:

  • 4 day per week gym workout program, scheduled to YOUR profile
  • OVER 20 different workouts each month
  • Access to all old workouts at any time
  • Full body stretching routines
  • KettleBell workouts
  • Bodyweight or Band only workouts for clients that travel
  • Direct access to critique form videos

2 Great Packages! 2 Great Prices!


$50.00 for Jakked Members

$75.00 for Non-Jakked Members

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