JHG Online Personal Training

Are you new to the gym and could use a little professional guidance? Or maybe you are just tired of the same stale routine, looking for different workouts to add more to your routine? If so, THIS is perfect for you! Like having trainer Byron Hicks in your gym bag, without the expense!

JHG Online Training Includes:

  • Custom Exercise videos that are perfect for Jakked Gym members! All of the equipment and machines used is available at Jakked making it that much easier to do!
  • Make your own Nutrition Plans! Or you can upgrade to have them made for you!
  • All Videos and Content Created by Byron Hicks!
  • JHG App on all your devices and at your fingertips when you workout at Jakked Gym! PC/Android/IOS

 4 Week – 4 Day Split Workout Plan

  • JHG Software Tracks:
  • Workouts /Weights
  • Measurements
  • Nutrition

Membership Cost

$50 / month current Jakked Gym members
$70 / month for non Jakked Gym members