What is JHG – Online Personal Training?

JHG Online Personal training is a custom APP developed to guide anyone (at any level) looking to reach their goals in fitness, health and strength!


How much does JHG – Online Personal Training cost?

We are now offering two packages at a discounted rate of $50 for non-members (retail $75) and $30 for members at Jakked Gym (retail $50) per month! We also offer custom pricing for premium ALL access services for people prepping for competition or looking for more personal/hands on guidance!


Do I need to be a member of a gym? 

You do NOT. But as an active member, your cost will be discounted!


Is this suitable for beginners?

It is especially suited for beginners, but is a great go-to for anyone, at any level looking to add different workouts to add to their own schedule! It’s essentially having your own personal trainer for a fraction of the cost!


Am I too old for this program? 

NO! This program is designed to help anyone learn how to keep themselves moving! Movement is Medicine! It’s never too late to get healthy!


Do you work with men and women?



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