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JHG Online Personal Training App

JHG Online Training is a division of Jakked Gym in Montgomery, Il. Jakked is owned by Byron and Tami Hicks and has been open since 2006. Byron is known for his ever changing but precise training principles and methods. From injury rehabilitation to the development of entry level to top athletes in all sports, Jakked Gym has been at the top of the gym/training industry for over a decade. Jakked is proud to present JHG Online, a cutting edge app to be used on any or all of your personal electronic devices! This app is user friendly and totally interactive. Each client gets their own personal profile.

The online app could include a customized program for each client whether it’s general strength and fitness or meet prep for bodybuilders, strongmen and powerlifters or a general program for those folks who don’t need a custom program. The JHG Online App allows the client to mark workouts complete and indicate weight lifted. The client can also store before and after photos, measurements, and notes on each workout.

Nutritional Consultation

Nutritional Consultation & Audit

Programs Tailored to the Individual

Programs Tailored to the Individual

Free App to Track your Progress

Free App to Track your Progress

Train From Home or at the Gym

Train From Home or at the Gym

What you will get

  • An App to follow the progress and access date from your workout plan.
  • Person to Person consultation with Byron Hicks
  • Access to your own personal account with Byron.
  • A specialized workout designed for your needs and goals.
  • Customized diet created specifically for your workout.
  • Mobile App with access to workouts, nutrition and calendar.
  • Access to videos and documentation related to your plan.
  • Option to record measurements and progress photos.

Complete Mobility Bring the trainer with you

Train on your terms.

As soon as your custom diet and workout is created, you can download the latest version of the app to your Apple iPhone or any Android device. You can also use it on your desktop or smart TV. 

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Programs for All Your Goals


  • Custom Strength Program Male
  • Custom Strength Program Female
  • Custom Nutrition Plan

Competition Prep

  • Powerlifting Meet Prep
  • Bodybuilding Meet Prep
  • Competition Nutrition

Byron Hicks

Anyone who has been fortunate enough to train with Byron Hicks, owner of Jakked Hardcore Gym – has learned something new to make their quest in the weight room, platform or stage, a more optimal experience. It’s no doubt that the gym is where Byron works his magic. Unique workout programming, custom nutrition advise, experienced knowledge and a passion for greatness are all traits associated with Byron’s training sessions, programs and team practices, at Jakked Gym. Now these same training principles can be used and learned by anyone, anywhere, anytime with the ‘JHG Online App.’

One major reason people fail to find success in the gym is in their inability to see personal results, stunting ones motivation. ‘JHG Online App’ is your answer! With every program offered, from basic to premium access, the client has the ability to add, store and track progress photos, body measurements, weigh ins and newly added FitBit integration


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