Team PowerCorps Dominates Again!

Another stellar performance by Jakked: Team PowerCorps members this weekend! The USS/ILSA Central Illinois Strongman Classic was Saturday, September 3rd in Decatur, IL. Four competitors representing Jakked Hardcore Gym went down to the Specific Performance Enhancement Center - These four men had only one plan in mind; Conquer All! In the heavyweight class, they did just that. Ryan Rice and Rob Simnick battled it out for first with Ryan coming out on top with an amazing 325# log press!! Check out his videos on his FB page. Trevor Marek took 4th in only his second time competing. Tony Mandujano Jr.

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Have What it Takes?

Powercorps The POWERCORPS is composed of the ad-hoc strongman and powerlifting teams here at Jakked Hardcore Gym. The members are lifters, from base beginners to veteran state and national level competitors, who train together, compete together, and represent Jakked Hardcore Gym nation-wide. Interested in becoming a member? Powercorps is about respect Membership is free* – but it isn’t cheap * Everyone, of any skill and experience level, is welcome. We all at one time started from nothing and we know fresh blood is vital to the future of strength sports. * Powercorps is about growing and succeeding as a team

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