A decade ago, Byron and Tami Hicks opened a small gym in Montgomery, Il. It was a single rental unit, in an industrial building. 1,100sq/ft, if rounded up. Their mission was to offer the same old school gym, that Byron and Tami were both accustom to. So many facilities at that time were succumbing to the new fitness industry standard of cardio and lifting machines - minimal free weights, dumbbells, barbells and certainly NO CHALK or Baby Powder allowed in these fitness malls.  Almost no gyms were truly 'lifter friendly' anymore.  -Byron Hicks Jakked Hardcore Gym has cultured many top

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Have What it Takes?

Powercorps The POWERCORPS is composed of the ad-hoc strongman and powerlifting teams here at Jakked Hardcore Gym. The members are lifters, from base beginners to veteran state and national level competitors, who train together, compete together, and represent Jakked Hardcore Gym nation-wide. Interested in becoming a member? Powercorps is about respect Membership is free* – but it isn’t cheap * Everyone, of any skill and experience level, is welcome. We all at one time started from nothing and we know fresh blood is vital to the future of strength sports. * Powercorps is about growing and succeeding as a team

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