Team PowerCorps Dominates Again!

Another stellar performance by Jakked: Team PowerCorps members this weekend! The USS/ILSA Central Illinois Strongman Classic was Saturday, September 3rd in Decatur, IL. Four competitors representing Jakked Hardcore Gym went down to the Specific Performance Enhancement Center – These four men had only one plan in mind; Conquer All!

In the heavyweight class, they did just that. Ryan Rice and Rob Simnick battled it out for first with Ryan coming out on top with an amazing 325# log press!! Check out his videos on his FB page. Trevor Marek took 4th in only his second time competing. Tony Mandujano Jr. entered the realm of competition with this first battle – he came home with hardware as well, 5th place finish AND got himself in the Decatur Herald on Sunday morning!

This fall hosts a healthy schedule for the Jakked #TeamPowerCorps Camp. Along with the daily celebration of the gym’s 10yr anniversary will be the UPA Illinois State Powerlifting Championships, Saturday, September 24th@ Jakked Gym.

The following weekend, Saturday, October 1st- Byron Hicks will take the BB stage again, this also being his own 10 year anniversary of competitive bodybuilding. Byron will be sharing the experience with a handful of clients that he’s been prepping for this same event – NPC Mighty Muscle on the Mississippi will debut in Dubuque, Ia. This show is hosted by our friends Bill and Molly Carpenter. Chicagoland local, Kate Lane, also from Pride Nutrition will debut as guest poser – many of you know her. There is a lot of local talent, long time promoters and small businesses looking for support this weekend – We have tickets for sale at Jakked. Byron and the whole “Silverback Crew” will love the support! Check your calendars!

Before the crisp morning air sets in and we all get back to bulking season, we have one more big event on the horizon – The 2016 Strongman Corporation Nationals in Iowa. October 28th and 29th. There will be a host of Jakked PowerCorps members competing that weekend, which In 2015 we dominated every class. This year our beasts are hungrier than ever.

We are taking new members everyday – change your life. Jakked Hardcore Gym style!

*Media Artwork- Compliments of Specific Performance Enhancement Center.

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