Aditya Nayar

Aditya Nayar has been a fitness instructor for over 7 years, and has trained over 500 people.

Aditya has trained: athletes, military/spec ops, police/fire, bodybuilders, powerlifters, runners, martial artists/fighters, personal trainers, and people who just want to be fit and healthy.

Aditya has extensive knowledge in nutrition, weight lifting/powerlifting, exercise science, and holds a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He uses his comprehensive knowledge of muscle physiology/musculoskeletal biomechanics to ensure safety and efficiency with every movement.

Aditya teaches personal training, group training, bootcamp, cardio kickboxing, grappling, and self-defense. You will be guaranteed a great workout, and will come out with better form than ever!

PHONE: (630) 335-3855