Byron Hicks

At the age of 5, I started studying the art of Taekwondo, along with other various martial arts. Through my youth, I kept active playing sports, mostly baseball, football and track and field. By the time I completed high school, I earned the rank of 3rd DAN black belt. I also discovered a new sport along the way. Powerlifting and/or weight training.

After high school and into my 20s, my focus weighed heavily on bodybuilding. I have competed in five different shows placing first in all but one, and an overall win as my highest accomplishment. Currently I keep myself competitive in the sport of powerlifting. Although, I’ve never been one to NOT try something at least once. I love lifting weights, and I love to compete.

My personal idea of an ideal client would be one that is willing to do what others won’t. Someone who appreciates the “art” of weightlifting/strength training. Someone who has determination, desire, and motivation to be the best “physically fit” person they can be.