UPA Illinois 2017 Single Lift Series Meets

Jakked Hardcore & UPA Illinois presents UPA IL Single Lift Series’ – Public Announcement. 

Attention All lifters and strength athletes!! Jakked Hardcore Gym and UPA Illinois is proud to bring to you: ‘UPA Illinois Single Lift Series’ This, one of a kind series will showcase ‘the three big lifts’ all powerlifters and strength athletes in general, have come to know, love and pour their hearts into -now you can do one, two or all three lifts individually on separate occasions!! –

 ‘UPA IL Single Lift Series’ will be scheduled over a 12 week timeline. 

We will kick off the series with everyone’s favorite: The Deadlift – Followed by a Bench Press Only segment. Finally we will bring this revolutionary power series, to its final meet of the inaugural year, by providing nothing other than a totally unique event to The UPA: A Squat only competition! 

Meets will be only $50 to enter! An updated UPA card is required for all lifters – official UPA federation rules apply – if you need a card you can purchase on the day of any of the events. This card will be good for one year from the date of purchase. 

Same day weigh ins WILL BE permitted for the ‘UPA SLS Meets.’ There will still be a 24 hr weigh in option for those needing, but not required. 

‘UPA Illinois Single Lift Events’ are set  to provide actual meet level competition, in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost – all rules and aspects of a UPA sanctioned power meet will be acknowledged. 

  • ‘UPA Single Lift Series’ is perfect fit for beginner lifters to get real feel meet experience, with out a whole weekend of commitment. 
  • UPA SLS Meets are ideal for those lifters wanting to dial in a specific lift for an upcoming meet OR re-gain your confidence with a lift that may have troubled you in a past meet. 
  • UPA SLS Meets are designed to be cost effective for the lifter and family coming to watch and support – events are scheduled for Sunday’s – Entry fee for lifters and spectators have been reduced by half. 
  • If total lifter enrollment requires more than one flight of lifters, we will have posted start times “waves” for lifters to arrive and start with their flight – our goal is not to consume your entire day. Although still get all the meet experience you need. 
  • All participants will receive an official certificate for each meet. It will have the event logo, lifters name, attempts recorded for the day on the certificate. 
  • A best lifter award for each UPA-SLS meet will be declared. One for the men and one for the women. Schwartz Formula will be used to determine highest coefficient for each division. 
  • At the completion of the third series – Squat only: all lifters who have competed in / and completed all three of the SLS events, will be eligible to win our brand ‘UPA SLS – Best Lifter Award.’ One  male and one female participant will be declared as ‘The UPA Single Lift Series – best lifter’ based on the total of their best lifts from each meet, calculated using the Schwartz Formula.
  • Award will be presented at the beginning of our UPA Illinois State Powerlifting Championships – @ Jakked Gym. 
  • The two best lifters from the SLS will be offered free entry to our UPA Illinois State Powerlifting Championships. Winners will be notified shortly after Squat Only meet so to have ample time to prepare if the offer to compete is accepted. 

Jakked Hardcore Gym & UPA Illinois bring the opportunity for powerlifting in the Midwest to increase the number of correlating competitions – also new record divisions will be open in the UPA Illinois archives. We hope to provide more opportunities for lifters to experience powerlifting meets for what they are – great times and BIG lifts! 

Thank you for your ongoing support. 

Byron, Tami & Team PowerCorps @ Jakked Hardcore Gym. 

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