Welcome to Jakked Hardcore Gym

Jakked is under new ownership! Click here to learn more about what’s coming next for all our members!

If you’re tired of the average gym and expect more than average results, then you’ve come to the right place. We are a small family owned “old-school gym” offering you a serious strength facility with NO binding contracts or costly hidden sign up fees! You pay only for your membership as you go!


A number of award-winning competitors have found a home at Jakked Hardcore. Whether you’re trying to reach the next level of competition or just starting, you’ll love our extensive equipment and driven atmosphere.


Come check out our dedicated power lifting room. With competition grade equipment you can get ready for any meet. We have two monolifts for squats, benches, and several deadlift platforms. Push your PRs to the next limit by working with chains, bands, boxes, and lots of other stuff to make sure you break through that next barrier!

Athletic Training

We have an indoor turf run, Olympic platform, heavy bags, advanced sports training equipment, and specialized trainers who are experienced athletes and ready to help you reach your full potential in high school, collegiate, or recreational sports.

Strongman Training

We have a wide variety of strong man equipment to help you get started in strongman training. Whether you want to go flip tires or carry a yoke loaded with weights, Jakked Gym has what you need to bring you to the next level.


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Get your supplements at Jakked Gym or order online by visiting our Member Portal. Even if you’re not a member, you can still order PRIDE Nutrition supplements from Jakked Gym. All purchases are for pickup only and we do not offer shipping.